19. November 2013

Betongtavlen 2013 honorable mention

Cabin Lyngholmen was awarded a honorable mention for Betongtavlen 2013, the national award given to a project where concrete is used in an authentic and technically exceptional.

“The internal concrete floors and wall are constructed with exceptional detailing, achieving very fine and precise surfaces. The most striking aspect of the design is the large white concrete roof that hovers over the entire building complex like a wing. It interacts delicately with the surrounding rock formations. The roof is constructed using light waterproof concrete, insulated on the underside with high-performance vacuum insulation panels. This unusual detailing creates an architectural expression that is exceptionally light.” According to the jury.

Link to Aftenposten article "dette er norges tøffeste betonghytte"

Link to betongpriser 2013 "hytta på Lyngholmen"