Location: Bjørvika, Oslo
Client: OSU, Oslo S Utvikling
Size: 20 000 m2
Status: Expected completed 2014

Residential buildings, business facilities and kindergarten situated in Bjørvika as part of the new city quarter Operakvarteret also known as the Barcode Project. The quarter consists of a row of new high-rise buildings and plays an important role in Oslos Fjord City development.

The project is part of the new Operakvarteret in Bjørvika, a row of buildings that includes a total of approx. 360 dwellings and 20,000 jobs. The plot, B13, is the easternmost of the Barcode area and opens up towards the fjord to the south and towards the medieval park in the east.
The project consists of three residential towers on a base containing common functions such as kindergarten and commercial premises. The field is divided into six parallel blank strips of varied width in line with the overall Barcode concept, a plan that is characterized by parallel building stripes where each building has its individual shape and character.
The three residential towers create spaces which allow diagonal sightlines through the area and provide optimized sun, air and viewing conditions for the apartments. Terracing of the base case of the quarter's inner life from the surrounding streets and creates different levels of outdoor living space for kindergartens, private roof gardens and terraces.

Each building has its own expression and materiality. In short the facade consists of two layers; an insulated inner facade containing windows and doors, and an outer skin acting as a spacious element for the balcony area with integrated railing and winter gardens. The outer skin breaks up the otherwise vast facade-surfaces and brings them down to a more human scale.

Photography: Jonas Anhede, Lund Hagem