Cabin Kilsund

Location: Brårvikkilen, Arendal
Size: 130 m2
Status: Completed 2001

A two kilometer path leading from the main road, opens up to form the site as it starts descending towards the sea and the lighthouse in the distance, permitting the rising structure to relate intimately to the landscape. The house is placed as an extension of the path with a row of bedrooms positioned into the hill followed by the heart of the building with the fireplace and master bedroom at the end. Beyond the bedroom the exterior continues forming a pool against the natural rock at the front. 

Cutting across the path, a pavilion housing the main living-spaces, encloses and creates a sheltered exterior room expanding the use of the site. This is further explored through the use of  large sliding doors that open up the facade to eliminate the physical threshold between outside and inside. The two parts of the building are further expressed through the construction, one heavy and one light. The ‘heavy’ structure along the path consists of cast in-situ concrete walls, with a timber roof. The rooms in this part are minimal and lit mainly through roof-lights.

The light structure consists of glue-lam posts and beams with a separate glass skin.


Håkon Eikesdahl