Cabin Lille Arøya

Location: Larvik
Size: 75 m2
Status: Completed 2014

The site consist of several very small islands with large height differences and exposed rock surfaces. Across narrow waterways hand-built bridges connect the islands creating a continuous habitable landscape.

As a direct response to the location, the house is located “next to” the island, occupying a low rock area that had no useful qualities apart from gathering up debris from surrounding areas. The building creates a site on stilts that latches onto the island to unite new with old. Two volumes occupy the new site, one low volume housing bedrooms and bathrooms, and one taller roof spanning across creating a shelter for kitchen, dining and living. Floor levels vary responding to the undulating joining rock. The new volumes are carefully placed to enhance circulation and use of the surround areas. The building seeks to enhance the qualities of the site and make use of areas that originally had no value.

The house is the structure in this case. The timber structure is visible and forms the exterior as well as the interior. Untreated glulam beams, raw steel columns and a white concrete fireplace and bathroom shape and colour the interior. Solid galvanized steel columns, drilled straight into the rock with no other foundation, carry the “new site” that the house sits on. The low volume is a simple post and beam structure, whereas the tall roof is a cantilevered structure carried on minimal posts with wind bracing solved at the gables through triangular structural elements bolted to the rock.

Photography: Alexander Westberg, Lael Aprieto