Cabin Stormorken

Location: Veierland, Norway
Size: 110 m2
Status: Completed 2006

The site is naturally divided by mountain ridges towards the east and west, while the ground slopes slightly from the south and ends up in a bay with a beach line towards the sea.  You can access the site either by boat from the south or by foot on a path through the forest in the north.

The builder wanted to utilise a valuable and unique site to the full extent.  The argument that the cabin should be comfortable all year round had impact on this decision.  They wanted to use maintenance free materials and maximize utilisation of internal rooms.

The plan drawing shows how screened outdoor areas are created between wings of rooms.  A maximum number of bedrooms and guestrooms were prioritized at the expense of communal living areas inside.  The most important communal room is the outdoor living room.


Sølvi Dos Santos, Paul Ryan, Lund Hagem