Deichmanske Library

Location: Bjørvika, Oslo
Client: Municipality of Oslo
Size: 18000 m2
Status: Estimated opening 2019

The Diagonale solution for the new Deichman Library proposes:

•    To divide the site into three buildings. By doing this, we give each building a human scale and integrate the project into the city.

•    To place the library on the site towards Operaallmenningen. Library visitors are offered the best views towards the city, the fjord and the surrounding green hills of Oslo; and the quickest connection to public transport.

•    To make the Library visible to the public. The top of the library cantilevers out to announce its presence to the visitors arriving from down town Oslo and the Central Station. At the same time, the view to the opera is secured by a large cut in the volume.

•    To create entrances to the east, west, and south. Big cuts in the facade mark the entrances on three sides of the building, inviting the public coming from all parts of the city. The same cuts offer views into the different environments of the library.

•    To create a spectacular interior. The core of the new Deichman library is based on light and space and continuous diagonal views established between the library interior and the surrounding streets/square. Through atriums and openings in the different floors, the library is connected with the city outside.

•    To communicate with the city. The façade diffuses the sunlight, giving a calm feeling to the interior. At night, the building glows and changes appearance as a reflection of all the different activities and events inside the library.

In collaboration with Atelier Oslo.

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