Grepan Hotell

Location: Tjøme
Client: Verdens Ende Eiendom AS
Size: 13.000 m2

Verdens Ende Quality Spa & Resort is a spa hotel with apartments located at Tjøme. There was a regulatory basis for the project as defined four elongated two-storey building volumes for hotel rooms above the ground, and a spa and hotel facility partially below ground.
Construction volumes above ground is designed so that there are sea views from all apartments. Most apartments are on two floors, and we wanted to give the apartments both evening sun, morning sun and generous terraces. Under the ground light is brought into the hotel by cuts in the landscape. The spa is designed so that the curved walls lead visitors through various spa areas with different contents. We want this project to develop a principle in which we have fewer and more rational elements to develop an architecture that appears both organic and free.

Collaboration with Atelier Oslo.