Hinna Park, NB4

Location: Stavanger
Client: Hinna Park AS
Size: 22 daa / 49.000 m2
Status: Winner parallel assignment

The site NB4 is located in the centre of the development area Jåttåvågen, along Gandsfjorden. It is planned for mixed use, commercial and residential, with a site exploitation of 230%. The regulation is based upon our winning project proposition in cooperation with Atelier Oslo AS, a parallel assignment in 2007.
The planned buildings on NB4 is organised like a broken-up comb-structure along the border of the block. This provides for the best solution for the communal green areas located centrally in the block. 

The intention behind this strategy is to:
-  optimize conditions for views and light for the planned development.
-  arrange for generous and sunny outdoor spaces.
-  make a connection, both visually and physically, between the internal part of the block and the surroundings.
-  create “city-walls” in the central axis of the new Jåttåvågen.