Lervig Brygge

Location: Stavanger
Client: BO 1
Status: Winner of competition

The four tower blocks are surrounded by a horizontal surface on all sides. The surface forms the promenade along the pier where the tower blocks are placed and forms a connection to the neighbouring sites to the south and the small craft harbour to the northwest.  Different spaces arise along the promenade, and we have paid special attention to terracing the promenade surface towards the water.
A terrace landscape inspired by rice fields and cultivating in terraces springs up in the terrain from the inner edge of the promenade.  The terraces are used as benches and they are shaped in a way that reflects the lines of the tower blocks.
The meeting between the promenade and the inner spaces between the tower blocks change from the promenade surface working its way into the room and that the landscape of the room spreads out over the promenade.

Collaboration with Atelier Oslo.

Photography: Sindre Ellingsen