Political centre Eidsvoll

Location: Eidsvoll
Client: Stiftelsen Eidsvoll 1814
Size: 1730 m2
Status: Completed 2004

The Wergeland Manor visitors centre is a development of a competition-winning entry in an open architectural competition. It comes into view as you pass the main feature of the museum, the Eidsvoll Manor where the first national parliament convened in 1814. The exhibition areas and the café are both accessed from the historical road that leads from the Eidsvoll building to Andelven river. The north facades are closed, while the south facing ones provide a view of the old building. The choice of materials has been dictated by the historical industrial environment and the building rises as a unique and modern expression of it. The lower floor is concrete; the entrance floor has painted timber panelling, with only the auditorium clad in sheet metal.