Restaurant Solvold

Location: Sandefjord
Client: Odd Ivar Solvold
Size: 600 m2
Status: 2002

Restaurant Mathuset Solvold is located at Kurbadparken in Sandefjord next to Kurbadet.
This requires special attention to the interaction between the buildings regarding placement, volume, communication and use of materials and colours. The new building is set along an original diagonal axis in the park where there once was a “vandrehall” (large hall meant to serve reception and lobby purposes) belonging to Kurbadet. Through this turn in relation to Thor Dahls gate and Museumsgata, the space is opened up in front of Kurbadet towards the centre of the city, Hvaltorget, and the building seems like a secluded pavilion in the green space.
The building is made up of several closed walls along this diagonal where the exterior walls are kept as low as possible to be able to draw lines between the new and the old (Kurbadet) as well as giving the build a scale that is in relation to the park and the usage. In the middle of the building, well drawn in from the exterior walls, two tall walls rise up to accommodate technical rooms on the ground floor as well as a double volume towards Kurbadet. The use of colours is based on the surrounding palette and the walls are red to keep in line with Kurbadet.

The building is organised around a kitchen and communal functions. The tapas restaurant that is open during the daytime faces the city and the street, while the gourmet restaurant is secluded and sits like a pavilion in the back facing Kurbadet. Both of the restaurants have their entrance from Thor Dahls gate, while the finance building and staff entrance is located at the diagonal path towards Museumsgata.
The use of colours and materials on the exterior is more or less drawn into the building to emphasise the function and connection to the surroundings even further. The tapas restaurant displays the red walls along the outer wall as well as concrete floors both inside and outside, while the gourmet restaurant brings the slate flooring into the room with the fire place and then shifts to solid ash floors in the remaining area. The double volume towards Kurbadet is emphasised through brighter colours and an elevated window focusing on the tree tops. Focus is shifted downwards in the innermost rooms and they feel more closed and intimate, something which is further enhanced by overhead lighting along parts of the walls and a private atrium. There is an open axis through the kitchen from both restaurants and this provides a direct experience of the place and its important function.