Sandstuveien 68

Location: Ryen, Oslo
Client: Watrium Eiendom AS
Size: 9 500 m²
Status: Completed 2013

The office building has been developed based on the following intentions:

- The geometry of the plans makes the building suitable for several and different companies/ tenants. It’s flexibility enables changing needs over time and frequent replacements

 - There are strong intentions to achieve Passive House Standard, energy class A, and BREEAM NOR level Excellent

 The building is a first phase of a larger development, and it’s form sets a standard for what to come. It solves the challenging situation with a highway on one side and a residential area on the other. Two taller blocks address the road and reduce traffic noise, and a lower scale adapts the residential area behind.  The façade reflects the path of the sun; from low to high and back to low. There are intentionally no mechanically movable sunscreens, only well designed fixed facade elements to minimize maintenance costs. Schneider Electric is the main tenant.

Photography: Trond Isaksen