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Over almost three decades Lundhagem has been driven by a consistent approach inspired by the Norwegian design tradition of simplicity, minimalism and functionality. All projects are informed by a sensitive approach to surrounding landscape and a dynamic dialogue between nature and the built environment. The work of Lundhagem focuses on critical detailing and is economic of means both poetically and practically.


Founded in 1990 by Svein Lund and Einar Hagem, Lundhagem today consists of over 60 employees and is managed by six Partners; Svein Lund, Einar Hagem, Mette Røsbekk, Per Suul, Kristine Strøm-Gundersen and Kaia Hellstrøm Krüger.

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Whether for a small cabin or an urban master plan, Lundhagem’s work reflects a belief in combining the latest advances in technology and sustainability, whilst making use of local materials and handcraft traditions.

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Lundhagem's wide ranging portfolio includes holiday homes, private villas and large scale residential and housing projects, office and commercial developments, notable cultural and educational projects, hotels and leisure complexes and urban masterplans.

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As a multidisciplinary practice, Lundhagem has undertaken numerous collaborative projects with architectural, design and engineering partners. It is passionately committed to the collaborative aspect of creating architecture and fundamentally believes that teamwork and continuous dialogue with clients, partners and end-users are essential to delivering excellence in architecture.

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The practice has completed more than 100 built projects for which it has won numerous competitions and received a number of awards for design excellence.

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Selected awards and nominations

2023 Betongtavlen - Villa Bygdøy

2021 Oslo Bys Arkitekturpris - Deichman Bjørvika

2021 ACI (American Concrete Institute) Excellence in Concrete Construction Award - Deichman Bjørvika

2021 IFLA/Systematic Public Library of the Year award - Deichman Bjørvika

2020 Betongtavlen - Deichman Bjørvika

2020 Byggeindustriens pris - Deichman Bjørvika

2020 FutureBuilt forbilde - Klimahuset

2020 Doga-merket for design og arkitektur - Deichman Bjørvika

2017 AR House of the Year Award Highly Commended - Cabin Lille Arøya

2017 Architizer A+ Award, Private House XS Poplulour vote and Jury vote Winner - Cabin Knapphullet

2017 Häuser Award, Exterior Prize - Cabin Knapphullet

2016 Betongtavlen - Cabin Knapphullet

2016 Lillesand Byggeskikkpris - Cabin Lyngholmen

2016 Larvik Kommunes Byggeskikkpris - Cabin Lille Arøya

2016 AR (Architectural Review) BnB Award Winner - Cabin Knapphullet

2015 Statensbyggeskikkpris - Torshovdalen Housing

2013 Betongtavlen, Honorable Mention - Cabin Lyngolmen

2011 Oslo Bys Arkitekturpris - UiO (Department of Informatics)

2011 Betongtavlen - Midtåsen Sculpture Park

2010 Asker Byggeskikkutvalg, Honarable Mention - Villa Gamle Drammensveien

2010 Rygge Kommunes Pris for God Byggeskikk - Villa Moss

2010 Shortlisted for WAF Award - Midtåsen Sculpture Park

2008 Kragerø Kommunes Byggeskikkspris - Kragerø Resort

2006 Sundts Premie - Marienlyst Park

2001 Nominee to Mies Van Der Rohe Award 2001 - Ullensvang Research Centre

2000 Statens Byggeskikkpris - Ullensvang Research Centre

2000 A. C. Houens Fund Diploma - Villa Furulund

1999 Bærum Kommune Estetiske Råd Pris - Norske Skog HQ Building

1999 Sundts Premie - Villa Furulund

1994 Statens Byggeskikkpris - Deltakerlandsbyen OL (Olympic Village) with div.A

1993 Murverksprisen - Villa Ullern

1987 Statens Byggeskikkpris - Holt Øst Housing with div.A

Lundhagem has received central approval for project planning in Project Class 3 for Architecture and Project Class 2 for Landscape Architecture. Our Office is also a certified Eco-Lighthouse company (“Miljøfyrtårn”) – annual climate and environmental report is available upon request.

Feedback on how the climate and environmental impact of our services can be reduced can be sent to

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