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Faced with the dark, cold winters and long, light summers, Norwegians developed an architecture that combined simplicity with beauty and humanism with democratic ideals whilst remaining closely connected to nature. The resulting design tradition was born out of a belief in humanism, tradition, moderation, handcrafted perfectionism, modesty, quietude and purposefulness

Lundhagem creates architecture, landscapes and interiors inspired by the Norwegian design tradition of simplicity, minimalism and functionality.

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We believe that it is vital that essential landscape forms and elements should be allowed to influence, inform and inhabit the character of our projects.

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Whether for a small cabin or an urban master plan, Lundhagem’s designs reflect a belief in combining the latest advances in technology with sustainability, whilst making use of local materials and handcraft traditions.

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Having worked on so many smaller scale projects has enabled us to develop a particular sensitivity to the latent potential of sites and given us the opportunity to greatly extend our knowledge of materials and details. Skills which are directly applicable to larger scale projects.

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Image: Deichman Library Diagonale by Lund Hagem and Atelier Oslo lightshaft Model

As a multidisciplinary practice, we are passionately committed to encouraging continuous dialogue and interaction between ourselves and clients, end-users, engineers, designers, urbanists, artists and craftspeople. We believe that it is only at the intersection of creativity, collaboration and learning that added value and innovation emerge.

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