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Oslo, Norway

Akershusstranda is a filling area running along the walls of Oslos medieval fortress and castle. It is a central port-area for ship calls and is also planned to be a recreational link between the main bays in the centre of Oslo, Pipervika and Bjørvika.

The office received the 1st price in an open international plan- and design-competition in 2003. The entry was a proposal for functional use, reuse of existing buildings and additional structures, infrastructure, landscaping and outdoor-furnishing.

The project was preliminary stopped in the detail-phase due to dependences in the adjacent development-areas.

Image: Situasjonsplan med modellb
Image: Modellbilder night plan
Image: Modellbilde night view
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Category: Masterplan

Location: Oslo, Norway

Size: 178,000 m²

Year: 2003


The Municipality of Oslo, Port Authority

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