Image: 597 Cabin Bøhler 005 Nils Petter Dale

Cabin Geitholmen

Kragerø, Norway

With as little intervention to the landscape as possible, Cabin Geitholmen is subtly placed and sits discretely on its site. The built volumes enclose an atrium, beyond which the elevated landscape creates a natural fourth wall. This atrium is shielded from the area's harsh coastal weather and strong winds yet continues to provide stunning views through the building to the sea. A natural platform behind the elevated landscape acts as a focus point for the atrium and all of the cabin's functions are placed in relation to this, with bedrooms towards east and living rooms towards west.

Image: Geitholmen Section 01 XL v1
Image: 597 Cabin Bøhler 007 Nils Petter Dale
Image: 597 Cabin Bøhler 004 Nils Petter Dale
Image: 597 Cabin Bøhler 003 Nils Petter Dale
Image: Geitholmen PLAN 01 XL v1
Image: 597 Cabin Bøhler 008 Nils Petter Dale

Category: Cabins

Location: Kragerø, Norway

Year: 2010


Photography by Nils Petter Dale

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