Image: 491 Hvasser Espen Grønli EG GG931166r

Cabin Hvasser

Tjøme, Norway

Accessible via a long boarded walkway, the single story cabin features an atrium plan that offers a sheltered courtyard and allows flexible movement inside. The volume of the cabin is kept as low as possible to blend in with the open landscape characterized by low vegetation and high wind exposure. By arranging the rooms around the courtyard, the interior spaces are naturally shielded from the adjacent buildings and the access road. The relatively closed façades have a few articulated openings to frame the specific views.

Flush details are used consistently in the construction, made evident in the exterior where the cladding and the concrete base meet. The timber is untreated to develop a natural grey tone with time. In contrast, the window frames are dark both on the inside and outside to disappear and never interfere with the view. Inside, aspen is used throughout the ceiling and walls, while ash treated in grey oil adorns the floor. Ash is chosen specifically to withstand the constant traffic, and is repeated in the workbench and shelves in the kitchen.

Image: Plan 01
Image: 34 S69240
Image: FOT 0000260829
Image: Section 01
Image: Hvasser BW extended extended
Image: EG 34 S69238
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