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Cabin Knudtzon

Kvitfjell, Norway

Located in Gudbrandsdalen, one of the best ski terrains and oldest tourist areas in Norway, and situated on the edge of a steep valley, Cabin Knudtzon offers wide views towards spectacular distant mountain tops and down towards the river at the bottom of the deep valley.

The house is L-shaped, formed around a terrace, and orientated towards the evening sun so that it provides shelter from the harsh mountain winds. A broad veranda runs along the length of the southeast facade, facing the expansive views of the valley and mountains. The floor of the house follows the terrain, rising from the entrance up to the living room and rising further up to the master bedroom.

All the wood of the interior and exterior walls is spruce, treated with iron powder and ash powder to give a maintenance-free, dark grey finish. The floors and some interior niches are of oak, stained dark grey. The resulting dark interior references traditional rural architecture of Norway and creates a warm and cozy atmosphere. The roofs are covered with grass and due to the heavy snowfall in the area, the construction is sturdy with protruding eaves supported by large sloping beams.

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