Image: 01 804 Kvitfjell Marc Goodwin N0 A9000 Pano

Cabin Kvitfjell

Kvitfjell, Norway

Inspired by the client’s desire for a "Summer cabin in a Winter landscape” and situated at one of the highest points within the Kvitfjell Ski Resort where the topography drops dramatically providing uninterrupted views towards the southeast, the main cabin and the annex of the project are both raised from the ground on stilts in order to touch the ground in the lightest manner possible. A solution developed to cope with the deep snow in the Winter and the dramatic snow melt runoff in the Spring. The plan of the main cabin has a Y-shape that cantilevers out to frame the remarkable views over the mountains from both the living area and the master bedroom.

A courtyard is created by placing the two buildings volumes close to the site boundary. The facade towards the courtyard is clad with vertical timber louvers with large panes of glass behind, giving the wall a veil-like quality. The louvers also protect the glass facade from snow, thereby maintaining a clear route of access all year. This outdoor area opens towards to the west, optimizing the evening sun and providing increased privacy from neighbours.

Image: Kvitfjell Plan 01 XXL v1 01
Image: 03 804 Kvitfjell Marc Goodwin N0 A9417 Pano
Image: 06 804 Kvitfjell Marc Goodwin 29 B7597 Pano
Image: 23 804 Kvitfjell Marc Goodwin N0 A9711 Pano
Image: Kvitfjell Section 01 XL v1
Image: 16 804 Kvitfjell Marc goodwinn 29 B7000r
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Image: 07 804 Kvitfjell Marc Goodwin N0 A9452 Pano

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