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UiO - Klimahuset

Oslo, Norway

Climate change is accepted as a reality among most of us, but there is still a fundamental lack of knowledge about the causes and consequences of climate change. Young people are leading the debate with their uncompromising approach to the problem and it is they who are the main target group of Klimahuset (Climate House).

Located in the grounds of Oslo┬┤s Botanical Gardens, Klimahuset is designed to provide an exciting arena for communicating research on climate and environmental issues, children and their families will be able to learn more about what climate change means, get to know the several solutions that exist and be inspired to take action.

Through an interaction between high and low technology and the use of both innovative and local materials, including a significant amount of wood, Klimahuset will demonstrate potential building solutions of the future. The many initiatives include; zero emission building, decentralised energy production with photovoltaic panels and a compact battery system, natural ventilation, reduced water consumption, use of local materials including a wooden structure, use of low-carbon concrete, use of materials with low CO2 emissions and a high degree of recycled content and a fossil free building site.

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