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Historical museum

Oslo, Norway

The Historical Museum at Tullinløkka (University of Oslo), originally designed by architect Henrik Bull, was completed in 1904.

The building was listed in 2014, and lundhagem was brought in to conduct an extensive rehabilitation in 2018. The project entailed rehabilitation and facilitation of hidden technical guides throughout the building to meet current technical requirements for lighting, ventilation and fire protection, as well as restoration to original colours and gilding, reopening of doorways and development of new doors, design of new public toilets, a new activity room, etc.

The work also consisted of establishing new logistics as a public building with total renovation, concept development and reorganization of the museum's areas, where universal accessibility, fire protection, goods handling and technical facilities are facilitated.

Externally, the building’s copper roof was replaced and repaired, underlying wooden structures were replaced and reinforced, new skylights were constructed, and existing ones repaired. Lundhagem also facilitated a restoration of the facade consisting of sandstone, brick, and granite plinth, developed new customized steel windows to meet new energy and safety requirements in exhibition halls (while maintaining the original facade expression), and a reconstruction and reinforcement of existing wooden windows for climate and safety requirements in the staircase vestibule.

All work was carried out in close co-operation with the Directorate for Cultural Heritage - Riksantikvaren.

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