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Kragerø Resort

Kragerø, Norway

This hotel includes a restaurant and bar, a spa, conference centre, outdoor pool and condominiums with rent back to the hotel. The building contains a total of 39 apartments of different sizes and offers underground parking facilities for approx. 75 cars. The building will also serve owners of apartments, hotel guests and daily visitors. Condominiums with rent back to the hotel in a freestanding terraced development, a total of 123 apartments ranging from 76 to 126 m² on 2-3 floors, as well as underground parking below parts of the development.

The site is located on Levang peninsula, on the hillside over Stabbestad, north of the golf course and on the edge of a slope with views towards Kragerø. Gentle hills and the green golf course in a pine clad hilly landscape characterises the landscape to the south. On the north side, the terrain drops steeply towards the sea on a forest clad hillside.

The following intentions have acted as guidelines during the design of this project:
• Creating a landmark building integrated in the landscape.
• Views to the Kragerø fjord from all apartments.
• Secured, sunny outdoor areas for all apartments.
• Adaptation to the landscape in keeping with vegetation and topography of the area.
• Planning for easy access and infrastructure providing the shortest possible distances and a minimal amount of intervention in the terrain.

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