Image: 02 701 Lervig brygge Sindre Ellingsen HZ4 A3358

Lervig Brygge

Stavanger, Norway

Four residential tower blocks surrounded by a horizontal surface that forms a promenade that connects to a neighbouring site to the South and a small craft harbour to the Northwest. Special attention has been paid to creating a terraced landscape inspired by rice fields. The terraces also serve as benches and are shaped in a way that reflects the lines of the tower blocks.

Image: Snitt fylt4 2400px 72ppi 01
Image: HZ4 A2038 HDR5 Panorama
Image: Perspektiv oversikt
Image: Plan 2400px 72ppi
Image: HZ4 A2278 HDR5
Image: HZ4 A1603 HDR5 Panorama
Image: HZ4 A2243 HDR5 Panorama
Image: HZ4 A2068 HDR5 Panorama
Image: HZ4 A1413 HDR5 Panorama
Image: CROPPED2 02 701 Lervig brygge Sindre Ellingsen HZ4 A1113

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