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Lofoten, Norway

Originally the location of a small traditional fishing village and home to Agathe Andersen’s Caviar Factory until 1962, Ørsnesvika is re-emerging as a tourist destination for people seeking adventure holidays.

The Ørsnesvika area is being developed step by step with one, two and three storey buildings. The center of the new settlement is the peninsula where the old fishing village once stood. From here, a network of piers and bridges extend southwards to Risholmen and the mainland beyond, allowing hiking and exploration in an area which hitherto has not been so easily accessible.

With its focus on landscape and nature, this highly sustainable settlement consists of buildings with a low impact that take account of the historical roots of the area. Terrain interventions are kept to a minimum with the buildings either standing on stilts or pilars or bolted to the rockface. Sustainable material choices, elements of solid wood, prefabrication and transportation by sea are intentions for the future phases of the development.

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