Image: Tjuvholmen 6 Lund Hagem


Tjuvholmen, Oslo

This residential building is situated on the tip of the Tjuvholmen pier. Sculptured, oblique, brick slabs close the building towards the city and open it up towards the fjord. This provides shielded outdoor spaces and optimizes the orientation of the apartments towards the sun, sea, and views. By slanting the front part of the dense apartment partitions and at the same time turning the window facade towards the fjord, apartments and balconies are given a unique experience of proximity to the sea. All brick slabs are designed individually, with a varying degree of inclination and retraction. The theme decomposes the house's scale into open/closed sequences and adds a slim verticality to the house from the fjord and its surrounding places.

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Image: Tjuvholmen Kavringen brygge 3 bilde1
Image: Tjuvholmen 3 Lund Hagem
Image: Tjuvholmen 7 Lund Hagem
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