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Villa Bygdøy I

Bygdøy, Oslo

The villa is located at the east side of a peninsula / former island just outside the western part of Oslo. The area today is a suburban area with villas, houses, some low-density housing etc, as well as large public green areas with forests, beaches, sports facilities, and museums.

The plot for the villa has ocean front on three sides. Neighbours only at the north end of plot. The site and all existing trees were 3D scanned at early design stage. Highest point on the plot is approximately 8 m above the sea level. The new villa is located where an old and dismantled house used to be, located at this highest point on site. No trees have been taken down. In front of the old house there was a wind-shaped, twisted pine tree. This tree has been carefully protected and preserved. Today this tree is a sculptural tree within an atrium in the new villa.

To solve the extensive program of the villa, a village-like concept was chosen. 5 smaller volumes were placed, partly around an entrance courtyard with hard, stone surface, and partly around the vegetated, green atrium. Three of the volumes are the living areas of the villa, the two other volumes are secondary facilities. These two secondary volumes shelter the entrance courtyard from the neighbours and prevailing wind.

The client asked for sea views from all rooms. This was achieved by creating the atrium in the middle of the villa, allowing views, and daylight in the rooms at any time of the days.

All main facilities of the villa are located on upper floor, surrounding the atrium. Floor levels vary in this floor, to allow step-free connection to the garden to the south, as well as from the entrance courtyard to the north. The atrium on the lower level is opened both to the southeast and southwest, allowing views out in these directions while creating privacy to the lower-level functions.

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The villa is clad with charcoal satin stainless steel sheets in varying rectangular sizes, dark-oiled vertical oak cladding, and black longitudinal brickwork. Roofs are covered with sedum vegetation.

In the garden, a boathouse in black exposed concrete, oak, and metal cladding, and a house for 3 dogs using same materials, also are built.

Towards the sea, the villa has been designed low and modest. Its horizontality is blending in with the tall vertical pine trees, creating an extraordinary residence.

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