Image: 03 Lysaker Dennis Alekseev DSC0317 edited corrected

Villa Lysaker

Bærum, Norway

Image: Lysaker Section 01 XXL v1 01
Image: LH 0806 Lund Hagem UM 9814 Sam Hughes corrected 2
Image: 08 Lysaker Sam Hughes UM 9810 corrected
Image: Lysaker Plan 01 XL v1
Image: DSC 0238 BW
Image: LH 0806 Lund Hagem UM 9852
Image: Lysaker Svein Lund IMG 0308 corrected
Image: 04 Lysaker Dennis Alekseev DSC8280

Category: Villas

Location: Bærum, Norway

Size: 550 m²

Year: 2008



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