Image: 06 Wakayama Site View@lund Hagem



Located in the heart of the sacred mountains in Wakayama, the project aims to develop a unique landscape hotel along the Kumano Kodo pilgrimage trail, listed as UNESCO World Heritage. The distinctive location of the project “on holy ground” and the deep spiritual connection with nature, are reflected in the concept and layout of the hotel.

The location provides a sense of seclusion yet gives an opportunity to access a wide array of n cultural and nature-based tourism activities. Through architecture and narratives that are strongly connected with nature, the guests will be given a proximity to the elements – landscape, weather, sounds, seasons, dawn, dusk – and experience a modern-day pilgrimage journey.

Image: 03 WAKAYAMA Context Diagram Lund Hagem
Image: IMG 4398
Image: Sketch from competition
Image: DSC 4797 RED BW
Image: 00 MAIN ILLUSTRATION 2 WAKAYAMA Spa Perspective Lund Hagem
Image: 01 WAKAYAMA Restaurant Perspective Lund Hagem
Image: 05 WAKAYAMA Accomodation Plan layout Lund Hagem
Image: LH Wakayama Interior LH transfer without bathroom

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