Image: 04 692 Lyngholmen LUND HAGEM

Cabin Lyngholmen

Lillesand, Norway

Located on a small island off the coast of Southern Norway and reachable only by boat, this Summer house sits nestled between a rugged landscape and the open sea. With beathtaking ocean views, the site is naturally sheltered from the wind by the existing vegetation and rock formations whilst remaining reachable by the last of the evening sun.

In order to maximise the useable floor area, the circulation between rooms has been placed outside under a single largescale roof, resulting in two enclosed wings. The main wing contains an open-plan living room and kitchen with direct access to a master bedroom. The second wing contains childrens' bedrooms and a guest room with study with each room having its own entrance from an upper wooden deck. The use of simple yet robust materials throughout, such as white concrete, glass and ash, ensures that the limited range of hues harmonise and blend with the surrounding landscape.

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