Image: 3 D 1 Oversiktsperspektiv Sett fra nordøst

Jåttåvågen 2

Stavanger, Norway

Jåttåvågen is a former off-shore industry area close to Stavanger city centre. Lundhagem has been working with the masterplan starting in the year 2000, and was a again involved in the second phase of the development, “Jåttåvågen 2”, continuing the making of an attractive area of housing, mixed-use and recreation.

Lundhagem was commissioned by Stavanger Utvikling to re-evaluate the zoning plan and adjust it according to today’s needs and challenges, such as green mobility. The aim of the revised zoning plan, was to enhance the foremost qualities of the site – the proximity to the fjord and generous green areas, and facilitate 6000 new workplaces and 1500 housing units. The development is expected to last for 20 years.

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Image: 3 D 4 Sett mot stranden og Nautholmen
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